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Erannia Potter

Imagine being struck by a drunk driver while holding your child in your arms.

Erannia was driving home one evening when her young daughter started choking on a cookie. She quickly pulled over and rushed to help her child. She managed to clear her airway when all of a sudden a drunk driver swerved onto the shoulder and slammed into Erannia.

Thankfully, Erannia’s child suffered only minor injuries after falling from her mother's arms, but Erannia was not so lucky. She sustained a neck injury, a pelvic fracture, and broke both her legs. She was taken to the hospital where doctors managed to stitch her bones back together with steel and screws but she required months of physical rehabilitation to regain the ability to walk.

In that time, Erannia was unable to work and bills began piling up at home. The person who hit her didn’t have insurance and so now Erannia is looking to the Drive Clear community for assistance.

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Funds Raised: $1000

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